Things in the Well Publications

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Things in the Well - scary stories to inspire dark dreamings...

Coming Soon: Kane's Scary Tales Volume One 

Beneath the Waves -

Tales from the Deep

Now available!!!


Featuring amazing cover art by the legendary Bob Eggleton, and interior art throughout, with a dozen pieces by the uniquely gifted Will Jacques, and illustrations by Greg Chapman and Robin Parry.


Reprints of Lovecraft, Verne, Barker, Lumley,

HG Wells, and many more original works of undersea action!

Coming Up!
ETA July 2018

Book 5:

Beyond the Infinite -

Tales from the Outer Reaches

Dark Sci-Fi at its best! 

Submissions now open!

Book 1:

Between the Tracks -

Tales from the Ghost Train 

Featuring Clive Barker's

'The Midnight Meat Train'

and Ramsey Campbell's

'The Address'

Now available on Amazon!

Book 4:

Beneath the Waves -

Tales from the Deep

Featuring Clive Barker's

'The Madonna'

and Brian Lumley's 'Haggopian'

Book 3: 

Behind the Mask -

Tales from the Id

Unmasking Clive Barker's

'Sex, Death and Starshine' and Ramsey Campbell's

'The Other Side'

Now available on Amazon!

Book 2:

Below the Stairs -

Tales from the Cellar

Featuring Clive Barker's

'Hell's Event'

and Ramsey Campbell's

'The Cellar'

Now Available on Amazon!