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Things in the Well - a series of themed anthologies

Coming Soon:
December 2017: 
'Shades of Santa' 
A dark xmas-themed magazine of flash fiction.

January 2018:
'Behind the Mask - Tales from the Id' - The third book in our 'Things in the Well' series
April 2018:
'Beneath the Waves - Tales from the Deep' - The fourth book in our 'Things in the Well' series

Book 3: 

Behind the Mask-Tales from the Id


Sex, Death and Starshine

by Clive Barker
The Masque of the Red Death

by Edgar Allan Poe
Masques by Paul KaneThe Other Side by Ramsey Campbell
The Transfer by Algernon Blackwood
Face Mask by Amdi Silvestri
Now I Don the Mask by Brian Asman
The Divinity of Akobi

by Brian Craddock
Mouse by Chris Mason
Mister Pocket Pants by Eric Dimbleby
The Treatment Team

by Fred McGavran
A Pet is for Life by Geneve Flynn
Plainfield by Jeff C. Stevenson
L’Inconnue by Jenna M. Pitman
All in the Family

by Jennifer Loring and Mike Thorn
Three Faces of Dr. Larson

by Lisa Alfano
Walk a Mile in Another Man’s Face

by Mark Allan Gunnells
The Bloody Rag by Matthew R. Davis
The Curtain Rises

by Richard Claycomb
The Dwellers Within

by Stephen Herczeg
Cousin Bag by Wile E. Young

Still available!

Halloween Magazine 'Trickster's Treats' #1

Over 30 flash-fiction stories plus a bonus short story.
Trickster's Treats is the new Halloween fiction magazine from
Things in the Well!

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Printed (USA)

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Ebook (USA)
Ebook (UK)

Book 2:

Below the Stairs -

Tales from the Cellar.

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Hell’s Event by Clive Barker

The Cellars by Ramsey Campbell

Under the Pyramids by
H.P. Lovecraft with Harry Houdini

The Thing in the Cellar
by David H. Keller
The Root Cellar by Toby Bennett
The Basement Apartment
by Mark Allan Gunnells
Trapped by Theresa Derwin
Purgatory in Perpetuity
by David Turnbull
Breeding Black by Chad Lutzke
Memories from Below the Stairs
by Steve Dillon
Bloodworms by Noel Osualdini
Below Deck by K.N. Johnson
An Endless Echo in Every Empty Space by Matthew R Davis
The Vaults
by Katherine Wielechowski
Creakers by Paul Kane
The Cellars (comic) 
by Darren Koziol and Ben Sullivan

The Bone Vine by Erin Cole
The Stairwell by Chris Mason
Below Ground by Charlie Walls
The Watchman by Brian Craddock
Eyes of Glass by Stephen Herczeg

Warding by Kev Harrison

Book 1:

Between the Tracks -

Tales from the Ghost Train.

Now available on Amazon!


The Midnight Meat Train

(With Annotations)

by Clive Barker

The Address by Ramsey Campbell

Casting the Runes by M.R. James

All Aboard by Christopher Golden

The Piggyback Man

by Steve Vernon

The Circle Line by Martin Livings

When Push Comes to Shove

by Paul Kane

They All Come Through London in the End by Alan Baxter

Ismail’s Expulsion

by Brian Craddock

Four Turns by Raven McAllister

The Deep Beneath
by Matthew R Davis

Under a Furious Moon
by Dan Rabarts

The Toll by Mark Allan Gunnells

The Sun Never Sets in the West (comic)

by Darren Koziol & Ben Sullivan

Trackers by Lee Murray

Bon Voyage, Voyage

by Amdi Silvestri

Fractured Reality

by Robert Mammone

Ash and Darkness by Pete Sutton

Train Wreck by Noel Osualdini

Playing with Fire

by Jonathan Cromack

Salvation is Closed

by Marty Young

The Shiraz Train by Steve Dillon

The Last Train by G.M. Hague

The Signal-Man

by Charles Dickens

Introduction to

The Midnight Meat Train
by Mark Alan Miller

Aboard The Midnight Meat Train –

Clive Barker’s Urban Nightmare
(essay) by Sorcha Ní Fhlainn