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Why Masks?

Physical or otherwise, masks are used to protect us from others or ourselves, to prevent detection, to hide our faces or our feelings. We hide behind them, gain strength and courage from them, deflect other's criticism and judgment with them, and so on.


"For masks, I'm thinking theatrical masks; clowns - for example Jimmy Stewart's character Buttons in 'The Greatest Show on Earth;' cosmetic surgery (consensual or otherwise, but please no excessive body horror/torture porn;) face make-up, whether to hide behind or as part of a transformation such as gender-identification; role-play; acting; Jeckyll and Hyde; concealment for religious or cultural reasons." - Steve Dillon


Be creative! Make us remember the story for a long time to come. Make it cinematic! Give us some new horror icons so we can buy masks to frighten the kids next time they come trick or treating!! 

Behind the Mask - Tales from the Id

In early 2018, we will be publishing a new anthology of short stories, Behind the Mask - Tales from the Id

Edited by Steve Dillon, the third anthology in our Things in the Well series, which so far includes stories by  

Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Christopher Golden, Charles Dickens,
M.R. James, H.P. Lovecraft, G.M. Hague, Steve Vernon, Lee Murray, Mark Allan Gunnells
& more.

Having announced Clive Barker and Ramsey Campbell as anchor authors, establishing our archetypes, we're searching for more talented writers, best-of-breed tales of terror, new supernatural tales, psychological thrillers, creature features, all involving masks - physical or otherwise!


Word count will typically be expected to be in the region of 6-10,000 words. We're paying a flat rate of $50 (AUD) for this anthology, and a print copy post the initial publication. You will retain rights. More details on request.

Submit by email to [email protected], with the subject "Masks" Deadline: End of November 2017. Please read the editor's Blog at



We will have further announcements cosmetic surgery to make on the Oz Horror web site, but meanwhile we would like to announce archetypal stories that align to the theme from two of the world's best in the genre:


Clive Barker's Sex, Death and Starshine

We have included another Clive Barker tale as an archetype that represents one of the best and in our opinion  most under-rated horror short stories from Barker's seminal Books of Blood collection.


Ramsey Campbell's The Other Side

Ramsey Campbell is undisputed grandmaster of paranoiac, creepy tales of insidious terror. He has won many major awards and received numerous accolades over 5 decades, and we are delighted to present an archetypal story by Ramsey Campbell, appropriate to the theme of Behind the Mask - Tales from the Id

Thanks, and I look forward to your submission. - Steve Dillon, September 2017