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New Releases!

The Configuration Discordant!

John Baltisberger’s The Configuration Discordant
marks a new line of dark poetry collections!

Due for release in December 2019, with an introduction by Angela Yuriko Smith and specially commissioned interior artwork by Jon Claeton, The Configuration Discordant is already gaining some attention among critics and reviewers…

Guilty Pleasures now available!

Did I mention how pumped I am that this book is available in stores and also online in print and digital versions…? Did I also say how thrilled I am to be able to include the discussion by S.T. Joshi AND the lead story from Ramsey Campbell’s tales of sex and death collection, “Scared Stiff”? Or how pleased I am to include the contributors’ names on the back cover?

Print: Amazon US | Amazon UK |
Amazon Au (still not available… Email me for ordering details – Steve)

Digital: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon Au | Smashwords (globally)


Trickster's Treats #3 is Available!

Trickster's Treats 3, the Seven Deadly Sins edition is our annual charity flash fiction magazine, and offers a selection of delicious stories of darkness, humour, and Halloween tricks! And all proceeds go to charity: water! For more information, check out the Facebook page, Please post reviews on Goodreads or Amazon You can also order the paperback magazine sized edition or the Kindle (digital) edition

Editing Team:
Lee Murray and Marie O’Regan kindly volunteered to steer the Trickster towards this year’s bag of treats!

Marie O’Regan (co-editor): Marie O’Regan is an award-nominated writer and editor of horror and dark fantasy fiction, and her short fiction has been published in such places as The Alsiso Project, When Darkness Comes, Terror Tales 2, Terror Tales of London, Best British Horror 2014 and Great British Horror #2: Dark, Satanic Mills, among others.

Lee Murray (co-editor): Lee Murray is an award-winning writer of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. She lives with her family in the Land of the Long White Cloud where she conjures up stories for readers of all ages from her office overlooking a cow paddock.

Submissions Editors:
Our wonderful volunteer submissions/assistant editors offered to read and shortlist a category each (for their sins!)…
Tracie McBride, Rebecca Fraser, Noel Osualdini, William Marchese, Claire Fitzpatrick (assisted by Steve Dillon), 

Kev Harrison, and Samson Stormcrow Hayes
We also applied an anonymity or blind judging process so the submissions editors didn't know whose story they were reading.

Cover Artist:
Award-winning artist Greg Chapman kindly volunteered to produce the cover art for this year’s Trickster’s Treats!

We think Greg has done an awesome job transforming the cover from its original cartoony style to this imposing, highly evocative piece.

Contact Steve on: [email protected]

Tales of the Lost Volume 1 - We All Lose Something!
Now available on Kindle! Co-edited by Bram Stoker Award-winning editor Eugene Johnson and Things in the Well editor Steve Dillon, we have commissioned and compiled a collection of international, award-winning authors with one common theme! TALES OF THE LOST!

White Shadows by P.B. Kane (Paul Kane)

Available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions. This is YA fiction at its best and includes the following stories, including for the first time in print, the title story White Shadows!

 -The Rainbow Man
-A Chaos Demon is for Life
-Kindred Spirits
-White Shadows
-Grandpa’s Chair
-The Rainbow Coat

Beside the Seaside -
Tales from the Daytripper!

The sixth and final anthology in the current series. This time the theme is 'the seaside' and all that entails...

Available now through Amazon 


Daze Out (Poem) by Steve Dillon
The Sand by Deborah Sheldon
Wagglers by Steve Dillon
New Year, New You by Tracie McBride
Mumbles Pier by Brian Craddock
Little Man by Ramsey Campbell
The Floss Man by Steve Dillon
Duelling Aces by Gary Buller
Penny Dreadful by C.L. Raven
Sand Martin by David Turnbull
Vivienne and Agnes by Chris Mason
Whelks by Stephen Herczeg
The Fairground Horror by Brian Lumley

Features a selection of short stories by Australian author Noel Osualdini. Most have been published in various anthologies and magazines, and this collection contains the best of these, as well as some new stories, including the final part of Shauna's trilogy, the first two parts of which were published as part of

'The Refuge Collection'.  

Author’s Note
Call Centre
Night Escape
Writer’s Retreat
Plum Wine
No More Fly Eyes
Wrecking Crew
Preface to The Refuge Collection
The Ghost in the Water
The Undertaker’s Tale
In the Belly of the Whale
Rescue by Santa
Trickster at the Carnival
A House Returned
Sex and Death and Professor Lonsdale
Train Wreck
In the Mesopelagic Zone
Outback Attack
The Master of Marchand

About the author:

Noel Osualdini (pronounced Oswald-deeny) was born 8 December 1960, the son of an immigrant Italian quarry worker and his Australian wife. At age 5 he was hastily christened Catholic and received the Last Rites, following a near-fatal car accident in which he was run over by the son of the local Presbyterian Minister. He moved with his family a few years later to semi-rural Hampton Park and became a farm boy with ambitions of becoming a journalist. Although he wrote his first published newspaper articles at the age of 15 for a local newspaper, he never succeeded in that ambition. He has worked in technical roles in commercial and community-based television, has been a public servant, call centre operator, graphic designer and garage attendant.

Features novellas, short stories, and poems by Steve Dillon, former President of the Australian Horror Writers Association and editor and publisher of the Things in the Well series of anthologies.


The Beard
Circus Runner
The Weirdness of Bliss
Little Bastard
The Heat is on
The Memory Man
Nature’s Ways…
My Name Is

Plus a selection of dark poems... 

About the author:

Steve Dillon has been writing and publishing for the past few years, and 'The Beard and Other Weirdness' is Steve's first collection of short stories, novellas, flash fiction, drabbles, and dark poetry! Some are reprints, others are new. Steve is the ex-President of the Australian Horror Writers Association (AHWA) so you can expect these to be dark, twisted tales of supernatural terror, psychological thrillers, and more. You can learn more about the 'Things in the Well' series of books that Steve edits, publishes, and contributes to.

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