Things in the Well Publications

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We're Growing... Things in the Well!

Themed Anthologies:

6. Beside the Seaside - Tales from the Daytripper (scheduled for early 2019)

5. Beyond the Infinite - Tales from the Outer Reaches

4. Beneath the Waves - Tales from the Deep 

3. Behind the Mask - Tales from the Id

2. Below the Stairs - Tales from the Cellar

1. Between the Tracks - Tales from the Ghost Train


Single-Author Collections:

3. Train Wreck and Other Stories by Noel Osualdini

2. The Beard and Other Weirdness by Steve Dillon

1. Kane's Scary Tales Volume 1 - dark fairy tales by Paul Kane


Flash-Fiction Magazine size Anthologies

Trickster's Treats 2018 - More Tales from the Pumpkin Patch

Trickster's Treats 2017 - Tales from the Pumpkin Patch

Shades of Santa 2017 - Tales from the Bloody North Pole


Published by Oz Horror Con:

The Refuge Collection - Heaven to Some (Volumes 1-3)

The Refuge Collection - Hell to Others (Volumes 4-6)

The Empath's Tale - The Complete Story (Parts 1-6)

History - Oz Horror Con

Things in the Well is the publications arm (or tentacle?) of Oz Horror Con, which was established in 2012. Oz Horror Con's mission initially was to 'Bring the horror to Oz!' During our first few years, we ran three horror conventions with international guests, arranged multiple screenings and began publishing books.

Steve Dillon, director of Oz Horror Con and founder of Things In The Well has also set up and run many social media groups. In 2015, Steve began to focus more on the publishing side of things and together with a group of over 30 artists and writers, published The Refuge Collection series of short stories for charities
(Sanctuary Australia Foundation and Refugee Action UK).

These Tales from Refuge comprised 36 stories spanning 6 volumes and these were published in 2 books: 'The Refuge Collection... Heaven to Some!' featuring stories by Ramsey Campbell, Paul Kane, Lee Murray, Kaaron Warren, Martin Livings, and more, and book 2, 'The Refuge Collection... Hell to Others!' features stories by Gerry Huntman, Mark Allan Gunnells, Amdi Silvestri, Brian Craddock, Marty Young, and more. 


36 short stories set in a shared dystopian world called
'Refuge' - Heaven to Some, Hell to Others!
Proceeds to charities: Sanctuary Australia Foundation and Refugee Action UK

Also published by Oz Horror Con, The Refuge Collection is available in eBook format as well as softback and hardback from Amazon as well as The Book Depository. All the profits go to charity. Several of the stories are also available as Audible audio books.
Lee Murray's 'The Thief's Tale' won the Sir Julius Vogel (SJV) Award for short fiction in New Zealand in 2015, and Matthew R. Davis's 'The Heart of the Mission' was shortlisted for the Australian Shadows Award for best long fiction in 2016.