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Submissions for Trickster's Treats #2 Now open!

Trickster's Treats - Tales from the Pumpkin Patch #2!

Submissions open until September 9th... Send your story of between 666-1,000 words using one of the themes below. 

Please Include the name or number of the theme in the Subject of the email and send to [email protected]

No reprints, thanks! 

We will pay a nominal fee for this fun fiction-magazine ($6 AUD) or if you prefer we can donate your payment to our chosen charity:
Women's Community Shelters Ltd

You can submit to 1 or more themes, but only 1 story per theme please. 

If sending multiple stories, please send them separately and include the theme in the subject of the email. 

Theme 1:

Halloween House 

Photograph (Left) (C) Steve Dillon, 2018

Theme 2: Pumpkin Head

Artwork (below) (C) Copyright Steve Dillon, 2018

Theme 3: Trick or Treat! 

Photograph (below) licensed from Adobe. 

Theme 4: Haunted Forests and Trees!

Photograph (left) by Steve Dillon, 2018

Theme 5: Bob-Apple

Artwork (below) (C) Copyright Steve Dillon, 2012

Theme 6: Fancy Dress

Photo (Left) by Ellen Duffy, 2013

This is the second edition of our Trickster's Treats fun flash-fiction magazine for Halloween! Six themes in total, and you can submit to any or all of the themes. Word count is 666-1,000 words. Deadline is September 9th. Submissions to: [email protected]

Be inspired by the images, and the theme titles, but don't try to describe what's in the image, or take it too literally. 


This one is about having fun with the theme, and enjoy the writing, and remember this is for a great cause! - Steve. 


Supporting Women's Community Shelters Ltd